See what’s on offer in beautiful Australia

Summer is coming in Australia, and it’s a great time to visit, especially in the more southerly regions as the weather warms up and beach life gets underway. November, December and January are a great time to visit, and we have put together a few ideas to make your Australian adventure an amazing one. From Perth to Darwin, Melbourne to the Gold Coast and of course the big and bustling Sydney, the Land Down Under is a great place to spend your November, December or January days. Grab a car hire and explore what the great nation has to offer.

Get up close with the amazing Australian wildlife

The weird and wonderful creatures that inhabit Australia are something you definitely shouldn’t miss, and there are plenty of opportunities to see and interact with all kinds of animals, fish and reptiles. Here are a few ideas.
  • The Great Barrier Reef: If aquatic wildlife is at the top of your list, you need to sign up for one of the many dive courses and diving trips available and get underwater to see the world’s largest coral reef system which is also a World Heritage Site and named by CNN as one of the seven natural wonders of the world. To access the reef, fly into Brisbane or Cairns and pick up a rental car to drive up or down the coast.
the great barrier reef
  • Australia Zoo: This famous zoo is the legacy of Steve Irwin, the beloved “Crocodile Hunter” who made it his life’s work to promote conservation of Australia’s fauna. It is located in Queensland, an hour and a half’s drive from Brisbane, and is well worth the trip for animal encounters, shows, tours and just seeing the fabulous animals of Australia in habitats designed by real animal lovers.
  • Cuddle a koala: Fly into Sydney and you’ll find plenty of opportunities to get up close and personal with theses gorgeous marsupials. Sydney Zoo and Featherdale Wildlife Park are both top of the list for koala encounters. 
Sydney Zoo Koala encounter
  • Amazing birdlife: If you’re taking the opportunity to visit Victoria while the sun’s out and it’s warm, pick up a car rental at Melbourne Airport and head out to the Dandenong Ranges where you’ll find diverse birdlife - especially in spring and very early summer. They are of course in their natural habitat, so there are no guarantees - but the ranges are a great place for a hike!
  • Fun with reptiles: Scales more your area of interest? You won’t be disappointed in Australia. Perth Zoo offers a reptile encounter - if you pick Perth as your holiday destination you’ll be on your way to see that and many more Western Australia wonders. The Australian Reptile Park is another great spot for snakes, crocs, turtles and more, a short drive from Sydney on the Central Coast. 

Hit the beach

If there’s one thing that Australia does well, it’s beaches. Stretches of golden sand are easy to come by in most parts of the country, and while those in northern Queensland are sunny all year round, it’s in the summer months that beach life really takes off in New South Wales, Victoria and the other more southerly states. Here are some great ideas for a fun-in-the-sun holiday:
  • The Whitsundays: Located in Queensland, this is the ultimate in white sand destinations, with beautiful islands, watersports galore and a vibrant tourist town at Airlie Beach. It’s found almost halfway between Brisbane and Cairns, so if you are flying in to either of these main centres then you can plan on a fantastic coastal road trip to get you started.
  • Perth: All the way over on the Indian Ocean coast, Perth is a great city with some even greater beaches. The famous Cottesloe is just a 20-minute drive from the city centre, with Scarborough, North Beach and a few others lining the coast to the north.  A short road trip can also take you to the lovely coastline of the South West, the Rainbow Coast and the pretty coves and bays  around Albany.
  • The Gold Coast: Surfer’s Paradise and the other beachside suburbs of the Gold Coast are well known for their sun, sand and surf. If you like to mix beachy vibes with urban excitement, this is the place for you - add to that the theme parks and you have a great family holiday. It’s just an hour’s drive from Brisbane.

Gold Coast
  • Byron Bay: This beloved NSW beach town is your quintessential summer holiday destination - laidback, gorgeous sandy beaches and a surfer vibe which just makes you want to take your shoes off and relax. Drive down from Brisbane, or make it a long road trip with the ten-hour drive from Sydney.

Scenic wonders

The beautiful landscapes of Australia are what really draw in many visitors, and the warm summer months are ideal for exploring the natural highlights of the country, particularly those in the more southerly regions where the winters are a bit chilly. Here are our top picks for amazing vistas.
  • Tasmania: This island state is all about the wild natural beauty, and the months of November, December and January are the perfect time to get there. Start your journey in Hobart and make sure to see the national parks of the southwest, the stunning Wineglass Bay at Freycinet and the gorgeous Cradle Mountain. Launceston is a great spot to pick up a car rental.

  • Great Ocean Road: Pick up your car hire in Melbourne Airport and hit the road for this unforgettable scenic road trip. The 243-kilometre stretch leads from Torquay to Warrnambool, and covers an array of lovely beaches and coves, the beautiful native forests of Great Otway National Park and the famous Twelve Apostles rock formation. The Great Ocean Road can be experienced in either direction with several road-trippers opting to begin their journey with a car hire from Adelaide Airport.
  • Uluru: The iconic Ayers Rock has to be on this list - although it’s best to visit at the beginning or end of summer rather than during its full force. You can fly straight into Alice Springs and make the six-hour drive through the outback to visit the incredible Uluru formation.
Ayers Rock
  • Blue Mountains: Those basing their holiday in Sydney and the New South Wales region don’t need to choose urbanity over nature. The Blue Mountains are well under two hours’ drive from the city, and offer a beautiful region of mountain peaks, native forests, wildlife and adventure activities. Hikers will love this part of the country!

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