A road trip could be just the thing to kick off your Splendour in the Grass experience.

Australia’s biggest winter music festival is just two weeks away now - Splendour in the Grass, set in North Byron Parklands less than half an hour north of Queensland’s Byron Bay. While the initial run of tickets sold out some time ago, there are still some tickets up for resale on MoshTix. Even if you’re not keen to rush into last minute bookings, this is an event that’s well worth planning ahead for. Every year, Splendour in the Grass hosts some of the world’s hottest artists for a three day weekend of top-notch tunes and mouthwatering food - any music lover who hasn’t experienced Splendour yet needs to mark it on their calendar, while those who’ve attended previously are probably already making plans for 2017. Getting to Splendour in the Grass isn’t too tricky, but it will require a little bit of planning to make sure you get to the fest on time and with the right kind of passes. 
How to get there:
If you’re driving to North Byron Parklands, chances are you’ll be setting out from somewhere on Australia’s beautiful eastern coast but there are a few different options when it comes to the city where you start your trip. 
Brisbane is one of the most popular choices for those heading down the coast to Splendour in the grass. Queensland’s capital city is known for its gorgeous green spaces, impressive modern architecture, sunny weather and laid back culture. If you have the time, set aside at least a day or two to explore the city before picking up a car rental in Brisbane and heading down the M1 for a little under two hours to North Byron Parklands. 
The Gold Coast isn’t at its busiest during the Australian winter, but this can actually be a good thing. This part of the country never gets very cold and locals hit the beach all year round so if you’re still wanting to enjoy the sand and surf you certainly can. Those who would rather wait for the heat to really kick in before taking a dip can still enjoy the Gold Coast’s famous theme parks, which won’t be as busy as during the warmer months. You could even lay eyes on migrating humpback whales on a whale watching cruise. Opting for a car hire on the Gold Coast will put you less than an hour from the Splendour in the Grass festival.
Byron Bay is virtually next door to the festival venue - though not literally next door, so you’ll still need some wheels to make the half hour journey up to North Byron Parklands. Flying directly into the Byron Bay area will ensure that you don’t have far to drive before reaching Splendour - meaning you’ll be fresh and ready to appreciate the vast array of talent on display. Byron Bay is also one of Australia’s top whale watching locations, so bring a pair of binoculars and you might be lucky enough to see these magnificent migratory beasts passing offshore. Booking a car hire in Byron Bay will allow you to take the last short leg of your journey at your leisure. 
Sydney is a lot further away from the Splendour in the Grass venue than the other locations listed above, but if you’re in the mood for a road trip, this is a fantastic option. Australia’s largest city is brimming with things to see and do - there’s easily enough here to keep visitors entranced and entertained for weeks, but don’t forget that the journey north harbours many hidden gems too. From Stockton sand dunes, to the excellent surf breaks of Lighthouse Beach and the Big Banana of Coffs Harbour, there’s a host of attractions to enjoy along the way. Taking your car rental directly from Sydney to Splendour would take around nine hours driving - it’s doable, but it would be far better to take a few days to really enjoy your trip north. 
Camping with a car:
If you’re planning to camp alongside your car, you’ll need more than just festival tickets to get in. You’ll need to pre-book a Car Pass to go along with your Camping Ticket. For Splendour in the Grass 2016, a Car Pass costs $60 including booking fees - however, you can get a $30 redemption voucher if you arrive at Splendour with three or more people in the car with event and camping tickets. 
Remember - if you’re planning to experience Splendour in the Grass 2016, you’ll need to book your tickets and car rental as soon as possible to avoid missing out.

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