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These elite vehicles are certainly not the cheapest in any fleet, but they are without doubt some of the finest luxury car hire choices in the world.

<div>Whenever I search for a car to hire, I’m always hunting for the best deal. But that doesn’t always mean that the cheapest choice wins. Sometimes quality and comfort are factors that rate just as…
Whenever I search for a car to hire, I’m always hunting for the best deal. But that doesn’t always mean that the cheapest choice wins. Sometimes quality and comfort are factors that rate just as highly as price point. For those times when you really want to go all out on the luxury front (or perhaps you just want to see how the other half lives), we present some of the very top choices for your luxury car rental experience.
Chrysler 300C
5. Chrysler 300C (approx. AU$70 per day)
The Chrysler 300C is a full-size luxury car of the finest pedigree. There’s something stylishly aggressive about the lines of this classically crafted model - its very shape speaks of superiority. It has the goods to back up that design statement too, with a seductively powerful V6 lurking under the bonnet, an interior rich with Nappa-leather trim and deluxe functionality plus on-road handling to rival any other luxury sedan.
Golf VW Cabriolet
4. Golf VW Cabriolet (approx. AU$90 per day)
The Golf model certainly has come a long way from its origins as a sensible family car. The Cabriolet is built to perform, giving you the control you need to master the road ahead. It’s automatic, but don’t think that means a compromise in power - the 7 speed gearbox shifts so seamlessly you’ll forget that gears even exist. These attributes would normally lead to gas guzzling, but not for the Cabriolet. This compact convertible boasts an amazing fuel efficiency of 6.3 km/l just to round it all off.
Holden Caprice V8
3. Holden Caprice V8 (approx. AU$90 per day)
Holden may not be well known for their luxury models, but that hasn’t stopped them from creating a vehicle that makes you feel like royalty. With a growling V8 engine at its heart and an interior that oozes pure refinement, it’s beauty and the beast all rolled into one. The Caprice also boasts a plethora of tech advances to make your life easier. Not fond of parallel parking? Let the car do it for you. Never worry about reversing in crowded parking lots again, with Reverse Traffic Alert - a system that scans intuitively for potential accidents in just such a situation. Convenience, class and pure power - the Caprice really does have it all.
BMW 316I
2. BMW 316I (approx. AU$100 per day)
BMW’s 3 Series has something of a legendary reputation among car connoisseurs, and the 316I more than holds its own in this prestigious family. This is a smart car - not like those dinky little eco things that lay claim to the name, but a vehicle that utilises a lightweight construction, excellent aerodynamics and intelligent energy management to create a gloriously smooth experience that eschews the unnecessary, only leaving room for that which enriches your journey.
Mercedes-Benz SLK
1. Mercedes-Benz SLK (approx. AU$160 per day)
Although the company has built its name on the luxury sedans that it has refined to perfection over the years, one look at the SLK will tell you just what the designers and engineers at Mercedes are capable of when presented with a challenge. This compact roadster is light, small, luxuriously appointed and handles like a dream. Responsiveness is key, with the SLK’s innovative engine reacting in scant milliseconds thanks to rapid multi-spark ignition and high-pressure Direct Injection. Ideal for a summer road trip for two (or one), this model will turn heads and make you feel like you’re the coolest person on the road.
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Feature image: Jeff Shewan, Flickr Creative Commons