The intrepid adventures of an All Blacks-loving duck and his long suffering human friends continue!

The tenacious trio are back - Ruggerducky, Sue and Dave are continuing their Rugby World Cup adventure, taking a detour into Europe and coming ashore in Turkey and Greece. Ruggerducky tried to write this entry but his wings aren’t quite dextrous enough (keep trying, buddy!) so Sue has returned with a new account of their travels.
Well we've headed off on our cruise now, sharing our boat (gulet) with three other kiwi couples.
I've attached photos of the gulet, it's really authentic and not particularly flash but food and wine are great, we all have our own ensuite so it's pretty darn perfect!
Captain Cahit is superb, taking us out and about, he started our trip in style; on our final day in Bodrum we went to a Haman - a Turkish bathhouse.  We went into a huge ancient sauna then got exfoliated with Turkish salt, washed with bubbles and ended with a full body massage, it was the most amazing experience and a highlight of the trip so far, also a very interesting way to bond with our new travel buddies - nothing like getting to know each other when in your undies and a towel in a Turkish Bathhouse!!
We have now left Bodrum in Turkey and spent the night at Cos in Greece. The two countries are so different, while Bodrum is ancient Cos is more modern.
Today we move on - further along the Greek coast,  it's quite windy so the sails are up which is great.
Ruggerducky has been keeping Instagram (@airportrentals) and Twitter (@airportrentcars) updated with our adventures.

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