Toyota Corolla most popular with Australian car renters

Trusty Toyotas are popular all around the world, so it’s no surprise they were our most-rented car in Australia for the month of January. Solid, reliable and available in both hatch and sedan styles, the Corolla is a winner across the board. In 2014 it was the top-selling car in Australia. More than 443,000 vehicles were sold around the country to beat out the Mazda 3 by a small margin. 
Thousands of visitors took off on summer road trips around the country in Corollas this January - and here are some of the benefits:


For fuel economy, you can’t go wrong with a Corolla - and that’s what gives them excellent rental value on the long highways of Australia. Airport Rentals TrustPilot Reviews are consistent in their praise of the model’s low running costs, and there’s no denying that it’s a hugely important consideration for a long trip. Buzzing around town, you might value style over economy, but for those extensive stretches you will appreciate the reduced fuel bill. The current low fuel costs combined with a Corolla - especially a small hatch model - will make for a very cheap rental road trip.


This is where the Corolla really comes into its own. The Corolla is for those who need a faithful car which won’t break down. As well as being the most-bought car in Australia for 2014, it also topped the list in New Zealand and has been high up in the rankings worldwide since it first hit the best-selling spot in 1974. This is due to its trouble-free reputation - parents buy a Corolla for their children, families use it as a dependable runabout and the Corolla just keeps on trucking.


Not particularly seductive or sporty, the Corolla is about function (and comfort) over aesthetics. However, it is not an ugly car at all - in a word, it is inconspicuous. When you don’t want to stand out - and as a tourist in a rental car you probably don’t - it is the perfect vehicle: ubiquitous, unremarkable and tidy. The various models over the years have all kept this quality of standard styling, but the 2014 edition has begun to introduce a little more edginess. Toyota has called it a touch more athletic, and with an extended wheelbase and LED headlamps it is. However, it refuses to stray too far from the familiar Corolla style.

Cons of the Corolla

Unless you are looking for a flashy, stand-out rental car, there aren’t too many. The Corolla is not a fast car, so if you are renting in Germany and want to give it hell on the Autobahn, pick something else.
Space has also been a bone of contention in some incarnations of the Corolla - both boot space and back-seat legroom. If you are travelling heavy, we recommend a full-size sedan.
Vintage Jeremy Clarkson hates the Corolla in his typical irrational way, but can’t quite articulate why as he conceded it is reliable, has great handling, is affordable and quite speedy when compared to his beloved Golf. What better endorsement do you need?

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Mar 7, 2015 by roger

rented one good car but roof is really low