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From students to families, spring break in a car hire

<div>Spring break is a huge holiday in North America. It’s a time to blow off the winter cobwebs and welcome the beginning of the warmer weather. Traditionally, the best spring break destinations are…
Spring break is a huge holiday in North America. It’s a time to blow off the winter cobwebs and welcome the beginning of the warmer weather. Traditionally, the best spring break destinations are in the south where the sun is - and the culture of driving is strong. Whether you head to Florida, California, Texas or into the Caribbean, a car rental can make your spring break even more exciting. Here’s the Airport Rentals guide to spring break destinations for everyone, and how to get the best car rental deals to take your holiday to the next level.

Spring break destinations for students

College students are perhaps the biggest demographic for spring break travellers. Taking a break from studies, young adults flock to the beach to let off a little steam. Here are some of the best spring break destinations for students who like to go where the action is:
  • Miami! The classic holiday spot, this buzzing southern city is great for partying at night and hitting the beach during the day. Pick up a car rental at Miami Airport and you can see what’s happening from West Palm Beach all the way down to Biscayne Bay - or even take a day trip down the Keys.
  • Panama City Beach on the Gulf of Mexico is another great Floridian destination, one of the most popular spring break centres. Think parties on the beach all day, every day.
  • Cancun in Mexico is somewhere a little more exotic and welcomes more than 100,000 student spring breakers each year for a week of fun. Rent a car at the international airport and see a little bit of Mexico between parties.
  • The Bahamas is another spring break hotspot, mainly centered around Nassau. It is only a short flight from the United States, so is easily accessible with plenty of hotels and resorts, including the famous Atlantis Resort.
  • For some people, beaches just aren't an attraction. Try a warm urban spring break with a Mexico City Airport car rental - be prepared for some serious Mexican cuisine!

Spring break destinations for families

Despite the hype, spring break is not just for college students - younger kids also have a hiatus from school and there are plenty of places where families can escape the crowds and still catch a little sun. A car rental is perfect for a family, as there is no need to battle public transport with tired kids.
  • Some places in sunny Florida are relatively untouched by partying college co-eds. Amelia Island, Fort Myers and parts of the Florida Keys can provide quieter beach vacations for families.
  • Disneyland in California is always a favourite for the kiddos, and the cooler spring weather makes it more bearable for parents. There is a huge range of car rentals available at LAX, so you can find the perfect family vehicle and make the pilgrimage to Anaheim.
  • As the north begins to warm up, Chicago comes to life. This wonderful midwest city has everything from deep-dish pizza to world-class museums, and is a great choice for families with older children. There’s a major airport (Chicago O’Hare) and it’s also a handy spot to begin a road trip to the Great Lakes region.
  • The beaches of North and South Carolina are perfect for a family vacation in the springtime - not as crowded or hot as Florida and the Gulf of Mexico, but with plenty of sun and sand. Book a rental car in Wilmington, Charleston or Savannah and find a likely-looking stretch of beach to enjoy for the week.

Spring break destinations on a budget

Seeds begin to sprout and leaves form in the springtime, but unfortunately money doesn’t grow on trees. Make some inexpensive spring break plans and get away without it costing the earth. Airport Rentals can find you a cheap car rental - here are some of the best destinations for a budget-friendly holiday.
  • If you want the classic Florida spring break experience on a budget, head to Daytona Beach. It is cheaper than the trendier locales but has all you could need - and the theme parks of Orlando are close by. Find a hotel further from the beachfront to save some more.
  • Cancun’s quieter neighbour, Playa del Carmen, has the same beautiful beaches and is less than an hour’s drive from the airport. The resorts are cheaper than in Cancun, making it a great cut-price Mexico option.
  • Looking for a city break? Washington is not always cheap when it comes to accommodation, but there are so many free and inexpensive things to do, it does make for a budget-friendly vacation - especially if you’re a history buff!
  • Heat-seekers can get their fix of sunshine in Austin, Texas. It’s not on the coast, so avoids the premium spring-break prices, but is surrounded by lovely lakes and rivers where you can swim, and as a big city it offers plenty of entertainment. Pick up a rental car and the city and surrounding region will be at your fingertips.
  • You can also cut out the cost of flights by renting a car in your hometown or college location and taking a road trip from there. Explore your state and region and save some more money!
Wherever you go, Airport Rentals can make the planning a little smoother. Find, compare and book your car rental on our simple search engine and hit the road with no worries! We work with a huge range of suppliers in the USA and internationally to bring you the best prices and as many options as possible. Check out the deals page for some great special offers.

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