Make her Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is on its way, and with that comes the age-old dilemma: what to buy your dearest Mum (or Mom) that will make her feel loved and appreciated. If your mother loves to travel like we do, she might find joy in one of the things on our list of gifts for travel lovers! We’ve covered practical and aesthetically pleasing, inexpensive and pricey, so you can find just the thing.
1 . World Scratch Map
This is the perfect traveller gift for when you can’t think of anything else - a versatile choice which will please any travelling Mum! Available from many places, scratch maps like this one on Amazon display all the destinations the owner has visited. 
Scratching off each country visited upon returning home is quite satisfying - and your Mum will be pleased with the conversations such an interesting wall decoration might spark.
2 . Travel documents case
If your Mum is a bit of a pro already, she might have one of these - but a documents case is to a keen traveller what a handbag is to a fashionista: you’ll never say no to a new, prettier one!
Keeping passports, tickets, visas and other essential bits and pieces of paperwork neat and tidy will be a breeze for your Mum with a lovely documents case. You can find a design tailored to her tastes: A pretty pink, fun graphics or an inspirational quote, or the classic black leather. Take a look online or in your closest department store.
3 . Microfibre towels
This gift is for the intrepid Mum who tends to eschew hotels and resorts for hostels and campsites. 
Microfibre towels come in a range of sizes, are lightweight, fold down very small and dry in half the time of a standard towel. Very handy for any adventurer!
You can find a range of sizes and colours on Amazon or in any outdoor supply stores. This one won’t break the budget, and your Mum will get plenty of use out of it - guaranteed!
4 . Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2016
This is the ultimate coffee table book for a lover of travel, and an excellent Mother’s Day gift idea. This is an aspirational guide to the absolute best places to visit as determined by the experts. Great for ideas, daydreaming and planning, your Mum will love this.
Find the Best in Travel book on the Lonely Planet website - there you can also purchase all kinds of guides for particular regions as well as phrasebooks.
5. Personalised coordinates print
Popular on Etsy and other artsy stores, co-ordinate prints are a wonderful and sentimental gift. They come in all shapes and designs, and can commemorate the coordinates of your choice. For a travel-loving Mum, that might be a favourite destination, or the coordinates of the home she always comes back to.
Make the gift extra-special by using a place that is special to the two of you, and including a photo of you both there - prepare for tears!
6 . Boredom busters
If you’re on a bit of a tight budget, you can still put together a thoughtful travel lover’s gift with a few items from a bookstore or supermarket. Simply put together a bag of things to do on her next long-haul flight, road trip or lengthy train journey, and your Mum will be forever grateful.
What to put in such a package? Find a nice gift bag and fill it with her favourite puzzle books (sudoku, crosswords etc), magazines, wrapped chocolates or other snacks, perhaps a good book and some of your favourite photos for her to reminisce with. You could even write a letter for her to read while she travels!
7 . Portable coffee maker
Lots of mothers like travelling, and even more like coffee. In one of the best technological advancements of the century (and we’re not even 1/5th of the way into it), the ability to make good coffee has recently become very portable - and these are becoming better with time.
From simple one-cup collapsible drip cones for camping, battery-operated coffee machines and even the Handpresso pump-action espresso device, the options are many.
8 . Travel pillow and sleep mask
This one’s an obvious choice, but goes well with the treat-yourself nature of Mother’s Day. Get Mum a comfy neck pillow and silky sleep mask so she can block out the world and take a nap next time she’s on public transport.
With lots of different colours and styles available, this is a gift that’s easy to customise to your Mum’s travelling tastes. You could also throw in a lightweight blanket to make sure she’s extra well-prepared.
9 . A nice drink bottle
Here is another one which won’t break the bank, but will come in very handy for a jet setting Mother’s Day gift. Find a good quality drink bottle that she can fill up and take with her to stay hydrated on her travels, and she will thank you! 
There are plenty of lovely-looking drink bottles available in outdoor supply shops and elsewhere. Aluminium ones are durable and light, while stainless steel ones are impervious to leaching or rusting. 
10 . Photo prints
Although it might require a small amount of sneakiness, this is a thoughtful gift which will earn many a brownie point. Get your hands on some digital copies of your Mum’s favourite travel snaps and get them printed up onto a canvas, or into a collage frame so that she can display them in her home. 
It’s easy to order such prints online - just find a company that does printing and have it sent to your address or your Mum’s. Many, like Vistaprint, will even make mugs, calendars and other gifts with her pictures on them.

Mum and daughter on beach
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