Rental bargains in the priciest US destinations

The United States is home to some of the biggest and most cosmopolitan cities in the world, and with this comes a high cost of living, including travel expenses. Airport Rentals has compiled a list of the most expensive cities for car rental in the USA - and what you can do to bring your costs down while visiting these wonderful urban areas.

The top ten priciest cities 

The list of most expensive car rental cities may surprise you, as they are not all the biggest names, but mostly the major centres of the East Coast with a sprinkling of southern spots.

Save on your car rental in the USA

You can still pick up a cheap rental car in the cities mentioned, thanks to these tips from Kathryn Aldarra, Account Manager at Car Rental Republic. As they are all major centres with major airports, you might need or want to put them on your itinerary - so read on and be informed to save money!

Pre-book for US car rental to grab a bargain

Booking as far in advance as possible goes a very long way towards a cheaper car rental in the USA. Many suppliers will offer early-bird specials to those who are on the ball, so make plans as soon as you can. Even beyond cost, availability is an issue as rentals can sell out fast in these top 10 cities, especially during public holidays and special events.

Book outside the square

Most of these cities are very seasonal meaning that prices rise in the summer and, for some, during the winter ski season. Renting during the off-season and shoulder season can significantly reduce your costs. The big and crowded cities of New York, New Orleans and Boston can be a little too hot and unpleasant in the high season anyway, so save yourself money and sweatiness by planning your trip in the spring or fall. School holidays are also considered peak periods, so avoid those for the best prices.

Search out the depot deals

The advantage of big cities like those on the list is that they often have good public transport systems, so you can get out into the suburbs to alternative, off-airport rental locations. The smaller local car hire brands will often lower rates to lure you out to their depots, so take advantage and book an off-airport deal. Some offer meet and greet services or shuttles from the airport, and some require you to make your own way - but the inconvenience is generally outweighed by the savings.

Compare your car rental options

Making an informed decision is always the best way to save money and have the best car rental experience with the right vehicle. That is where Airport Rentals, Car Rental Republic’s easy-to-use booking site, can help. Enter your intended travel times and a few other details to be presented with a list of options from the various car rental suppliers. You can see airport locations or city locations, and whittle the choices down by vehicle category, transmission type, number of passengers or rental fleet. With all of your options in one place and easily comparable, it is not a problem to hunt down the cheapest car rental bargains.