The rising price of fun activities has many Britons thinking that they just can’t afford quality time out together - but there may be another solution...

Over half of Britons believe that they just can’t afford to go out regularly as a family, according to research commissioned by Hertz UK. Families that took part in the survey revealed that they were spending around £440 on family activities over the course of a year, with a shocking two-thirds of respondents saying that they’d had to put a stop to family outings because of the price. 
Olivier Lecocq, Vice President Marketing for Hertz International, said: “After compiling this customer research, we learned that people in the UK are struggling for inspiration and the funds to enjoy memorable family days. We developed Hertz Together to allow families to discover a number of free activities in various cities across the country, putting parents’ minds at rest about the expense of days out.”
Hertz Together allows families to search for things to do with kids that don’t cost an arm and a leg… in fact, everything listed is completely free.
Lecocq continued to say, “Parents on the hunt for stimulating fun activities for the family will certainly find fresh ideas in our comprehensive list, which contains some of the country’s most-visited museums, galleries, and parks and gardens.”
Family holidays and free weekends needn’t be expensive affairs. It’s easy to find something to fill an afternoon or even a whole day - just go to Hertz Together, select a city near you and see what comes up. They even have a US version for our American cousins. 
To give you a little taste of Hertz Together activities for kids and adults alike, we’ve put together some highlights from a few different cities:

The Natural History Museum off Cromwell Road is sure to be an instant hit with the kids - the dinosaur skeletons are a winner every time but that’s far from the only attraction at the NHM. Hardly a day goes by without scientists and wildlife experts visiting the museum to share their experiences and get kids excited about the world they live in. If you’re wanting to get outdoors, Bushy Park is a fantastic option - more than 1,000 acres of woods, gardens and waters offer more to do and see than you’ll ever get around to. It’s also a brilliant place for spotting wildlife, which the kids will love.
The perfect spot for a family picnic in Scotland’s largest city is The Meadows. A haven from the hustle and bustle of urban living, this is the ideal spot for a low key family afternoon out - there’s even a mini golf course to practice putting, and in the summer you can often find a cricket match in progress. For something a little different, St Giles’ Cathedral is worth a visit. Those who live in Edinburgh will be familiar its spire at least, an iconic part of the city’s skyline, but many never bother to investigate further. Believed to have been built in the 14th century, this beautiful old church is rich with history - and kids will love the rooftop tour.
If you have young ones who are right into music (or perhaps you’re a music aficionado yourself), the Oh Yeah Music Centre makes for a great family outing. Co-founded by Snow Patrol lead singer Gary Lightbody, Oh Yeah is a non-profit that aims to solidify and promote the Belfast music scene. Based in an old whiskey warehouse in the Cathedral Quarter, bands come here regularly to rehearse and perform. It also hosts an exhibition space where visitors can learn about Northern Ireland’s musical icons. But on the weekends you’d be hard pressed to pass up St George’s market - a bonanza of fresh delicacies, arts, crafts, antiques and live music. 
That’s just a small sample of the many activities highlighted by Hertz Together - so now that you have the perfect way to discover fun family activities, why not sort out your transport and start planning your next family outing today!

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