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Hyundai i20 amongst Australia’s favourite rental cars

What do you want in a <a href="https://www.airportrentals.com/">rental car</a>? Most renters are looking for something that is cheap to run, is late-model and reliable, and has enough space for people…
What do you want in a rental car? Most renters are looking for something that is cheap to run, is late-model and reliable, and has enough space for people and luggage. If you are travelling with a small group, a Hyundai i20 will meet all of your requirements.

It is one of the most popular models for rental customers across the great nation of Australia, and for good reason. When you need something economical to get you from A to B, an i20 hatchback will do the job well.

As a small hatchback, the Hyundai i20 is very economical. It was my pick when renting a car in Sydney last year, as the wedding we were attending was 170 kilometres north in Newcastle and fuel economy was top of the priority list. With only AUD$40 worth of petrol used over 3 days including the trip there and back, it was a good choice. The i20 is consistently rated amongst the most economical small cars, and in 2014 it was named third most affordable light car in the Australian Automobile Association’s running costs survey.

Safety and reliability
The i20 has a strong safety rating, with all the features including six airbags, stability control, rain sensing wipers and more. It was awarded a 5 star safety rating from Euro NCAP, the new car assessment programme. Thankfully, we didn’t need to test any of these during our trip! Reliability-wise, it raises no cause for concern- it’s no Toyota Corolla, but i20s have never been recalled and they come with a five-year unlimited mileage warranty which indicates the company’s faith in their product.

This is where the i20 really steps up its game, and when you are on holiday space is important. We had an excess of space for two adults and minimal luggage. The size of the backseat means that four passengers is no problem, and the hatchback boot is huge too so there’s plenty of room for bags. New i20s can fold the back seats flat for a monster boot- like the TARDIS, it’s bigger on the inside.

What’s not to like?
Reviews of the Hyundai i20 do bring up some cons of the model, most of which are more or less irrelevant when you are renting one and not buying it. It’s not a very fast car and can be considered a little underpowered, described by some as slightly sluggish. Not a good car to rent if you want to be speedy! The dashboard layout and styling is quite basic, and some say it feels a little cheap with some plastics. Newer models are beginning to address this.

Test drive
The little Hyundai i20 served us very well for an Aussie road trip, handling the 170 kilometres between Sydney and Newcastle with ease. For two adults and carry-on luggage, we had more than enough space to spread out and even hang up the wedding guest gladrags to keep them from getting wrinkled. Our highlight? The fuel efficiency. Even for a small car, the i20 went above and beyond what we expected in terms of running costs.

So, if you are keen on testing the Hyundai i20, go rent it and put it to the test on a great road trip in Canada, the USA, Australia, New Zealand or any other country you have in mind!