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Hello and welcome to the Airport Rentals Blog. Here, you will find an extensive selection of itineraries, road-trip ideas and news articles – basically anything and everything to do with renting a car from an airport or city and hitting the road.

With more than one million car rental bookings already under our belts, we know how important it is to keep our customer base informed and coming back for more… that’s why our Digital Content Team is working to deliver story ideas to not only spark your need to travel, but also inform you on aspects of industry development, the latest innovations and gadgets, airport expansion and so much more.

Covering business features and major events, our writing is geared towards you, which is why we hope you will get in touch with your opinions via the comments section. We want to extend the conversation through social media – and you can help. Who knows, perhaps you will have your own story you wish to tell via Airport

Our network spans 2000 individual airport rental car sites and 25,000 city depots around the world, so we will look to share our ideas across the continents. From a hot or cold Christmas in the US, to Australian road-trip ideas and major global events you simply have to attend, we will aim to continually pique your interest. 

This blog is the beginning of a new journey for Airport Rentals, as we seek to provide world-class editorial content. Our main ambition is that you come along for the ride… stay safe on the roads!