Arriving in a new city can be the perfect opportunity to fill out your pokémon collection - make sure to secure a car rental so you have the freedom to pursue pokémon to your heart’s content.

By now you’ve almost certainly chosen your side, between the legion of Pokémon Go fans and the game’s strangely vocal detractors. If you’re in the latter camp - well, I’m not quite sure why you’re reading this article. But if you’re among the throng of people who’ve embraced the childlike joy that this mobile app has brought to millions, or are curious to find out what exactly all the fuss is about, read on a little further. 

Why a road trip is perfect for Pokémon Go fans

One of the novel aspects about Pokémon Go is the fact that as you travel to different parts of the world, you’ll discover different kinds of pokémon. This extents to the bigger picture, with certain types only found in specific regions, like Europe, Australia & New Zealand, or North America, but it’s also applicable on a smaller scale. For example, if you head to the beach you’re more likely to find Magikarps, Goldeens and Tentacools, while Weedles and Venonats lurk around grassy areas like parks and golf courses. This means that in order to find the many different types of pokémon in the world, quite a bit of travel is required. Incorporating your quest to catch ‘em all into a road trip gives you the chance to discover exciting destinations and new pokémon at the same time - win/win. 

Planning your road trip

Once you’ve booked your car rental, it’s time to start thinking about where you’re going to go. The ideal itinerary will combine both real-world attractions and a variety of different landscapes. Having somewhere coastal on the agenda is a good idea, and if there’s a desert or arid area nearby it’ll significantly raise your chances of finding pokémon like the Sandslash or Charizard. Urban areas will furnish you with a whole host of types, some of which you may not have previously encountered as rarity seems to vary somewhat from place to place. If you’re hunting for more specifics on where you might find various types, see below for a brief guideline to the places where a few of the more popular pokémon types can be found. 

Normal type:

You’ve probably seen plenty of these already as they’re usually found in urban and suburban centres, though a new city may reveal a few types you’ve never seen before.

Grass type:

Unsurprisingly, grass type pokémon can be found near, erm… grass. Parks are a safe bet of course, but this type is relatively common and can tend to pop up (in lesser numbers) in many different locations.

Water type:

Heading down to a nearby beach will net you a bunch of these fishy creatures - they can also be found hanging out near lakes, streams ponds.

Fire type:

If there’s any sort of desert handy, that’s the perfect place to find fire types. Barring access to desert type terrain, semi-arid areas are also promising.

Dragon type: 

Almost everyone wants to own a dragon, Pokémon fan or not. Unfortunately these guys are rarer and harder to find, but there are some reports that dragon type pokémon have a habit of hanging around the banks of rivers.
So if you’re on a mission to be the very best, like no one ever was, book your epic Pokémon Go road trip today!

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