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Hit the road this summer

<div>What’s better than a road trip? A one-way road trip! The freedom to continue on with no thought spared to retracing your steps is a fantastic way to travel, and it allows you to cover much more…
What’s better than a road trip? A one-way road trip! The freedom to continue on with no thought spared to retracing your steps is a fantastic way to travel, and it allows you to cover much more ground. 
Often, car rental companies will require that you drop off a vehicle in the same place you picked it up - which is understandable, considering it costs them time and money to relocate fleets. Some will allow it, but charge a one-way fee to cover costs.

Get a one-way rental without the fees

It is possible, however, to find a supplier which not only allows one-way rentals but does not charge for them. We have discovered that many rental companies in Florida and California forgo one-way fees for one-way rentals within the state, offering customers the chance to wander in their own direction and drop off in some other city.
These states attract many travellers, with their natural beauty and sunshine, so the rental companies find it relatively easy to get cars back to where they need to be. This is good news for them, and also great news for anyone who wants an epic Florida or California road trip this summer!
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Fun in Florida

The country’s most southerly-reaching state is a bit of a playground for road trippers. It stretches not only down into the Caribbean Ocean but west along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico towards Alabama and Mississippi, filled with glamorous cities, sandy beaches, amazing natural landscapes and of course, centered around an area of many, many amusement parks.

You can start your Florida adventure with a car rental from Miami Airport, and make your way north to take in the whole state before dropping off somewhere like Jacksonville. This allows you to cover the majority of the state in one trip. Tweak the itinerary to cover all of the hotspots! You won’t want to miss these fabulous Floridian destinations:
  • The Everglades to the southwest of Miami are an area of astonishing natural diversity, with some amazing sights and creatures. Take an airboat tour to spot alligators, indulge in a spot of birdwatching or go for a hike and take it all in.
  • Miami itself, and the string of seaside urbanity which stretches all the way up to West Palm Beach, is all about sun, sand, eateries, bars, and fun. Spend a day or two there if you can!
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  • Tampa on the western coast is a little more low-key than the glitzy east coast, but there are plenty of museums, waterfront areas and the Florida Aquarium to enjoy. If you want a laid-back start to your trip, consider a car rental from Tampa Airport.
  • Orlando is where the amusement parks are, including the famous Walt Disney World. Those travelling with kids and Disney lovers, do not miss it! You can also dive right into the fun with a car rental from Orlando Airport.
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  • Jacksonville is a sprawling city, the largest by area in the contiguous US. A short drive from the city are some great, uncrowded beaches. 
  • Florida’s capital city, Tallahassee, is surrounded by rolling hills which makes it feel quite different to the rest of the state - like a genteel southern city. 
  • Panama City and Panama City Beach offer more sun and surf in the northern part of the state. 27 miles of white sand provide a great reason to stop here - include a visit to the pristine Shell Island.

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  • Another city with a “southern states” atmosphere, Pensacola is not far from Alabama. It also has some lovely beaches and is a laid-back place with a slower pace of life than the bustling east coast.

California capers

You can also grab a one-way car rental from many suppliers in the Golden State with no extra fee involved - and like Florida, it has a long, skinny shape which is very conducive to an amazing one-way road trip! The coastal towns and cities include some of the country’s most favoured destinations, and slightly inland are some of the most popular national parks.
To begin your journey right at the most southerly point, pick up a San Diego Airport car rental. This big city has a major airport and makes the ideal starting point. You could head north and drop off in San Francisco or Sacramento - or begin with an LAX car rental for a shorter trip. The possibilities are endless in sunny California! Just make sure to include as many of these highlights as possible:
  • San Diego is all about the good life! There are plenty of beaches on which to relax, and a wonderful Mexican-influenced atmosphere - including some amazing food!
  • Los Angeles, City of Angels, needs no introduction. It is a whole world to explore in itself, from the sights and celeb-spotting of Hollywood to the bustling beaches to Disneyland. You’ll need that car to get around!
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  • Joshua Tree National Park, Mojave National Preserve and Death Valley National Park lie just inland from San Diego and Los Angeles, and have some wonderful and unique desert landscapes.
Joshua Tree National Park
  • The Big Sur is a region which you’ll pass through when driving the coastal road between Los Angeles and San Francisco, and it’s a stunner! The Los Padres National Forest meets the Pacific Ocean in a spectacular way.
  • Yosemite National Park is quite central in the state, an iconic area of diverse landscapes, wildlife, geothermic activity and opportunity for outdoor recreation. You could spend a week here alone!
Yosemite National Park
  • San Francisco and the Bay Area is the perfect place for a weekend of urban entertainment. The city and surrounds are chock full of museums, boutiques, parks and wonderful places to eat. Visual highlights include the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island and the Painted Ladies houses on Steiner Street.
  • Napa Valley, Sonoma and the wine region has obvious charms - as well as a fine local drop, you can experience lovely pastoral views and great Californian weather.
  • The northern section of the state is home to some amazing redwood forests, so head up there if you can! There is even a “drive-thru tree” which demonstrates just how big some of these trees can be.
Florida and California are ideal destinations for a road trip, and with so many rental companies offering one-way rentals at no extra cost, we strongly suggest you consider them this summer. Have you driven either one of these fabulous states?