Pick up a low-cost car rental from Christchurch

A Christchurch Airport car rental is the natural start to any South Island road trip. The city has an international airport with regular flights from Auckland and some Australian cities, is the biggest urban centre on the island and sits in a relatively central position on State Highway 1. Many an epic journey has begun there, and all seasons are on the table - yours could include the warmth and sun of summer, the snowy beauty and skifields of winter, the mild temperatures and prettiness of spring or autumn. So how and when can you get the best deal?

Find a cheap Christchurch car rental

As far as we’re concerned, the more people who can experience an unforgettable South Island road trip, the better the world will be. That’s why we’ve taken a look at some booking statistics to find the cheapest time to book a Christchurch car rental.

Times to avoid

The holiday period, right around Christmas and New Years (this is also peak summer in New Zealand) tends to be more expensive for both booking and travelling, as people book last-minute rentals and the tourist trade is busier in general.
CHC Airport average rates
In yellow, the months with the most expensive rates.
Rental costs in Christchurch tend to have a secondary jump just before the winter peak season. Skiing is popular in the South Island, with most ski resorts grouped around Queenstown and Wanaka although there are a few club and public fields close by Christchurch. The city is a convenient place to pick up a rental, so bookings surge in June and July as ski bunnies make plans for the best snow in July, August and early September. 
These periods are not only the most expensive in which to book your holiday, they also have the most expensive overall rates as pick up times, no matter which part of the year you book in. However, earlier is always better - so don’t leave it till the last minute, especially for these times!

Recommended booking times

You’ll get the cheapest rates for both travel and booking during New Zealand’s autumn and spring months, low seasons but still wonderful times of year to embark on a New Zealand self-drive adventure and visit the scenic South Island. 
CHC Airport average car rental rates
In yellow, the months with the cheapest rental rates.
The rates tend to dip to their lowest point around April/May and then have another short trough in August or September before rising again into the summer season. If you’re planning a trip, we recommend making arrangements well in advance so you can make the most of these lower prices! If you are booking to pick up in the extreme peak periods, like school holidays and Christmas or Easter, you will still pay higher than other dates - but overall, these are prime times.
Planning your travel for these months is also a good idea, if you can do so. Queenstown is just as pretty in spring and autumn, with a freshness in the air. In March, April and May, you might encounter the turning of the leaves and late sunshine. In August, September and October, you can catch the last of the ski season - and while the mountaintops may still be white, green things are making an appearance down below.
A car rental in Christchurch is the start of something amazing. People worldwide know that New Zealand is a spectacular place for a road trip, and the South Island in particular. It’s a bucket list kind of trip, one that will leave you with amazing memories, spectacular holiday snapshots and jealous friends and family.
Lake Pukaki
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