The popularity contest: Airport Rental’s statistics reveal which rental vehicles are the most commonly booked, and why!

Australia is a vast nation, considered both an island and a continent by different schools of thought. Renting a car is a great way to get around the wide open spaces Down Under, allowing you the freedom to explore at your own pace and get off the beaten track to see small towns, beaches and hidden gems.

Make your mind up

There are a huge number of international, national and local car rental suppliers operating in all main centres around the country, therefore plenty of options for you to choose from when booking your car hire in Australia
Airport Rentals’ stats reveal the most popular categories and vehicle types for visitors to Australia, from the practical and inexpensive economy models to the eco-friendly hybrids, big trucks and fun convertibles. 

The top contenders

Economy cars are the top pick, and for good reason. The miles of highways in Australia make for a great road trip, but also mean a lot of petrol used each day. An economy rental helps to save a little by reducing the running costs- and it is also a good choice for the environment! Compact cars are second on the list, for many of the same reasons- they are light on fuel and cheaper to run. In addition, they are easy to drive and park, perfect for those unfamiliar with the country. However, with more than two people and luggage they can be a squeeze- think about how much space you will require and whether your packing skills are up to the task. The biggest reason for their popularity is the price. They offer a cheap car hire for your Australia holiday plans.

For families

Next on the list of popular vehicles is the “medium” category, consisting mostly of four-door sedans such as Toyota Corollas and Nissan Pulsars, great family cars to hire for an Australian adventure, with boot space for everyone’s bags. Full size cars are also big sellers, with even more room to move- although more expensive, they are worth it for parents with two kids or more, especially on longer road trips so there’s no fighting over territory in the back seat!

Specialised vehicles

Right behind full size cars for popularity in Australia are those equipped for particular jobs. SUVs offer even more space- and depending on the model and the rental terms, can be used on dirt roads or take extra gear on the roof racks. The more adventurous traveller should consider an SUV. People movers are just below them on the list, and the purpose of these is expressed right there in the name. They move a lot of people, and are the best choice for groups of friends or big families. Not as popular but still an option are the full-on 4WDs, pick-up trucks, buses and the hybrids which will appeal to those with an eco-conscious lifestyle.

Upgrade your holiday

Behind the variously sized cars, SUVs and people carriers is the premium/luxury car hire category. Renting a car from this category is not about practicality but about comfort and enjoyment! Pay a little extra for a late model premium car and enjoy the ride as much as the destination. Lower on the list but in the same vein are the convertible rentals available in limited depots. Putting the top down and making the most of the Australian sun is the perfect road trip.
Whichever category of vehicle you choose, you will find it on Airport Rentals. Browse a wide range of suppliers with our simple  search engine, and pinpoint the right one with handy filters. Happy driving!

Whether you be looking to begin your Australian adventure from a major centre including Melbourne and Sydney or choose to opt for a location more of the beaten track whether it be Adelaide, Cairns, Launceston or any of the options in between, Airport Rentals has the car rental package for your needs. The rental car options are relatively similar across the ditch in New Zealand. Grab a rental car from the likes of Christchurch Airport and Auckland Airport and see for yourself.