As Valentine’s Day approaches, it’s worth remembering that any relationship needs work - we have a few tips for making sure your relationship with the road stays in good shape.

There’s no denying it: the charms of the open road are hard to resist. Over the years, many have been seduced by the soft caress of wind flowing through an open window and through their hair, or the romance of a late night ride along an open highway. Unfortunately, it’s just as easy fall out of love again. Neglect, inattention and the rise of routine can all chip away at that heady first love you had for getting behind the wheel and taking off for distant destinations. It doesn’t have to be this way though! With a little care, you can rekindle and hold on to that romance. We have a few tips that can help you recapture that lost spark.
1. Take time to appreciate
It may seem too simple to be true but just taking the time to appreciate the experience of being on the road again, and recalling what it was that made it so special in those magical early days, can restore a measure of that original wonder. Driving can easily become humdrum and utilitarian but the simple action of allowing yourself to enjoy the unique combination of power and serenity that the open road offers may just reignite something inside you that you almost forgot was there to begin with.
2. Show respect
Respect is a crucial precursor for any healthy relationship and your romance with the road is no exception. Getting behind the wheel of a vehicle and setting off down winding country roads or along expansive highways can be invigorating, thrilling and immensely satisfying but it’s not without its risks. Those who truly love the road understand that a good measure of respect for the power and speed at your command is both healthy and wise. Treat the road with the care and respect it deserves and you’ll spend many happy hours together in future.
3. Be responsible for your own happiness
Every romance, relationship and love affair has its ups and downs but you don’t have to be helplessly caught up in the ebb and flow. Road trips in particular (one of the most beautiful stages of a road romance) can be fraught with setbacks and unexpected occurrences but no matter what happens, just remember that your happiness shouldn’t be conditional - it doesn’t need to depend on how badly you’ve been delayed, whether or not things are going to plan or anything else for that matter. The way you respond to whatever the road throws at you is the sole arbiter of your happiness.
4. Try something different
Routine is the nemesis of romance. You fall into a pattern and before you know it boredom starts to set in. This is an issue for almost everyone, as it’s so very easy to settle into something familiar, even if it’s not that great. Fortunately, this malady has a simple cure. Changing things up, trying something different, setting a course for new horizons - this is a surefire way to shake things up and bring back that air of excitement that you came to take for granted. Whether that means trying out a vehicle that you’d never usually drive or planning a road trip to somewhere completely new, the important thing is to keep things fresh.
5. Be attentive
Sure, it’s easy to get caught up in your own thoughts - but too much inattention could lead to some serious bumps in the road. Relationships are a two way street and if you stop paying attention to what’s right in front of you, then trouble will almost certainly arise. Taking care to stay aware of your surroundings is a vital part of keeping your road romance alive. It’s not just a preventative measure though - staying attentive to the road ahead can reveal a whole host of exciting opportunities and intriguing detours that you never would have discovered otherwise.
6. Learn to compromise
It’s a fact: you can’t have everything your own way all the time, as nice as that might sound. Sometimes the road (or life in general) will throw you a curveball and you just have to run with it. There’s no point throwing a tantrum when things don’t quite go your way - in fact, sometimes the best experiences come out of creative compromises. Being willing to adapt and change in response to whatever comes your way when you’re adventuring on the open road will not only make for a more harmonious road relationship, it can also open up wonderful possibilities that you never would have thought of if everything had gone exactly to plan.
7. Quality time, not quantity
You may not have the time to set off into the sunset every weekend, but you know what - that’s okay. Nurturing a road romance isn’t about spending every possible second in the driver's seat but making the most of the time that you do have to explore the world’s highways and byways. In fact, a little bit of space in between journeys will give you the time you need to plan something truly amazing - after all, it’s those brief special moment that stay with you long after the trip is done and feed the flame of your love affair with the road.

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