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Brighten up your winter with a northern adventure

<p>Britain isn’t widely renowned for its winter escape opportunities, but that’s only because people underestimate just how stunning Scotland can be when the snow starts to fall. It’s easy to slide…

Britain isn’t widely renowned for its winter escape opportunities, but that’s only because people underestimate just how stunning Scotland can be when the snow starts to fall. It’s easy to slide into the same old routines and give in to winter drudgery but if you’re keen to shake off the cold weather blues and make the season your own this year, a UK airport car rental combined with a trip to the north of Britain can give you fresh eyes on a time of year that brings so much more than just chilly weather.

Those who prefer to stick to the city won’t be disappointed in Scotland’s offerings - after all, Edinburgh is the sort of city that brims with exciting experiences all year round, with many of the city’s most famous festivals and parties scheduled for the colder months. On the other hand, those who’re willing to brave the great outdoors will discover one of the most picturesque winter wonderlands on earth. If you’re seeking a little inspiration for your next Scottish winter adventure, take a look below for just a few of the reasons that Scotland makes for such a compelling off-season destination. 

Winter brings all kinds of lively events and attractions to Edinburgh


That’s right, this city is a reason all by itself. Edinburgh is undeniably the cultural hub of the north, with a lively music tradition, cutting edge theatre, and a surprisingly diverse foodie scene. These are urban highlights that don’t disappear as days shorten and the cold draws in - in fact, they serve as welcome excuses to stay warm and safe from the weather. The city is also known for its winter festivals over the Christmas/Hogmanay period which bring exuberant life to what could otherwise be a grey time of year.

Scotland’s rugged good looks are only improved by a dusting of winter snow

The Scottish Outdoors

Believe it or not, winter is actually an excellent time of year to get amongst Scotland’s natural majesty. Sure, it will be a bit colder but that’s easily remedied by few layers of warm clothing. In exchange, you’ll get a glimpse of Scotland as few ever get to experience it - frost crunching underfoot, the hills and mountains blanketed in a pristine layer of snow. No matter what kind of walk you’re after, Scotland can accommodate you - whether that’s an hour or so strolling along the banks of a loch, hiking through the wilds of the highlands, or taking in the crystalline delights of snow covered forest.

Winter in Scotland gives you the chance to see the glorious Northern Lights

The Northern Lights

There’s no need to fly overseas and head deep into the Arctic Circle to see the glory of the aurora borealis when you can witness this awe-inspiring natural phenomenon without leaving Britain. This is one of those attractions that absolutely has to be seen during winter, as pitch dark skies are essential to viewing the aurora. Although there’s an outside chance you could catch the light display from almost anywhere in Scotland, you’re likely to have much more luck if you head to the far north. If you’re sticking to the south however, Galloway Forest Park is a particularly excellent spot for northern lights gazing, thanks to its status as a Dark Sky Park. 

Whatever kind of adventure catches your imagination, Scotland can turn a dreary winter into an experience that you’ll talk about for years. With a car rental from Edinburgh, Inverness or even Glasgow, the freedom to heat up the colder months is all yours.