Fly in and drive away with no worries at Sydney Airport

Standing in queues at the airport takes the fun out of a journey quick smart. Travelling is exciting in theory, as every plane, train or ship takes you to a new and fun destination, but in practice it can be equal parts dull as dishwater and frustrating as all get out. Getting through check in, security and customs just to wait for a delayed plane is not a fun way to spend several hours in any part of the world. 
Travellers to Australia, then, will be glad to know that the Air Transport Research Society has just named Sydney International Airport as the most efficient airport in Oceania. The Efficiency Excellence Award was presented to an airport representative at the ATRS conference in Singapore last week. 
The airport’s managing director and CEO, Kerrie Mather, said yesterday of the award: “We’re thrilled that ATRS has again recognised Sydney Airport as a leading airport in productivity, management and operational efficiency. We’re committed to continuous improvement for the benefit of our airline partners and passengers, investing in an airfield, terminal and road infrastructure to further improve efficiency and capacity.”
The ATRS was launched as a special interest group during the World Conference on Transport Research Society in 1995, and serves to facilitate and further research, networking and exchange of ideas in the air transport field. It is the world’s leading academic society in the industry and publishes an annual Airport Performance Benchmarking report compiled by a taskforce which includes fifteen professors from around the world. 
That means they know their stuff - and we can trust them when they say that Sydney’s international airport is up there with the very best for efficiency!

Fly in, drive out

Sydney Airport’s efficient nature is good news for anyone planning a flight into or out of the city, and that includes a large proportion of overseas visitors to Australia. However, outside the doors of the airport lies more travel mayhem.
An onward journey can be just as smooth with a pre-booked car rental from Sydney Airport. There’s a range of suppliers with depots both in the terminal and outside of it, and having a prior booking means you won’t have to fuss about finding an available rental car. Just fly in, pick up your vehicle and start enjoying what Sydney has to offer.

What to do in and around Sydney


Less time at the airport and organising your car rental means more time to explore. Head into the central city to see the iconic Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge, and wander the great shopping and dining districts of downtown. Make the fun drive across the bridge to visit laid-back Manly and the northern suburbs, or head out to Bondi for some fabulous people-watching.
A rental car really comes in handy when you decide to venture beyond the city limits. Big, beautiful Australia offers so many possible destinations - and with your own set of wheels, you can set your own itinerary to see everything that takes your fancy. The towering Blue Mountains are only an hour’s drive from the city, the friendly Central Coast towns just a little bit further. Australia’s history awaits discovery in Canberra, three hours to the southwest, and if you continue inland there are Outback adventures on the menu. Looking for a lengthier journey? Take a few days and make the road trip up the coast to the Gold Coast and Brisbane, or down to Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road.
You can design your own New South Wales self-drive holiday from Sydney and make the most of your time in the land of Oz. With a super efficient airport and an easy way to book your Sydney car rental, you’ll be away laughing with minimum travel stress.

Sydney not your location of choice? Grab a car rental from the likes of Adelaide, Launceston Airport car hire, Melbourne Airport, a Cairns Airport car hire or jump over the ditch and book a car rental from New Zealand from locations including Auckland and Christchurch.