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Christmas No 1 for Airport Rentals on reviews chart

<h3><br> <strong>A TrustPilot mark of excellence</strong></h3> The commitment of <a href="https://www.airportrentals.com/">airportrentals.com</a> to exceptional customer service has received a welcome…

A TrustPilot mark of excellence

The commitment of airportrentals.com to exceptional customer service has received a welcome boost, with news that the booking site has achieved a No. 1 rating in the ‘car rental category’ from online independent review company TrustPilot.

Operating extensively around the world, including the US, UK, Europe, South Africa and Australasia, TrustPilot is a review platform founded in 2007. They have an exceptional reputation for vetting any feedback, with testimonials only allowed from genuine customers with a confirmed booking ID.

Consistently delivering the best Airport Rentals service

More than one thousand airportrentals.com reviews have been posted, and their current average Trustscore is 9.3 out of 10, with submissions from as far afield as South Africa, Iceland, Cyprus, Greece and Lebanon.

The Airport Rentals network operates across more than 2000 airports around the world, with 80 global and local rental suppliers and thousands of vehicles on their books. They have also recently expanded and now incorporate city locations, as well as airport vehicle hire.

Great value, from suppliers to the customer

Airport Rentals general manager, Rohan Marx, says there are many factors in the company’s success: “We are focused on providing better value than anywhere else. We are up to 30% cheaper than other agents, and often a similar amount cheaper than booking direct with a supplier, as suppliers see us a channel to move distressed inventory quickly.

“Our focus is also on giving excellent customer service, 24/7 support, knowledgeable staff with a ‘can do’ attitude and a quality response that continues post-sale. A car rental isn’t just about the cheapest price, but finding the right solution for each individual rental.”

TrustPilot AirportRentals.com

Benchmarking performance with other car rental agencies

Rather than just uploading a rating, customers are invited to comment on the whole rental process, thus giving airportrentals.com a comprehensive overview of how they’re travelling. Bookings can also be confirmed with unique identifiers, to ensure they have been actual customers on the site. The company responds directly to any queries or issues raised online - something which Marx is passionately in favour of.

“When there’s a mistake or an issue, we take ownership of that and actively help our customers find a resolution. This is whether the mistake is our own or caused by some failing at the supplier’s end. The volume of sales we do with our rental partners mean it’s easier for us to get heard than the customer sometimes.”

Tech savvy and expanding

Airport Rentals has, to date, had more than one million bookings across 2000 individual airport rental car sites. The company app is proving popular with business and leisure travellers, while the site itself is fully optimised for any device.

Here are just a couple of reviews from satisfied customers:

Marc Faydherbe: “I arrived at the Avis office, told them that I had booked on line, the papers were drawn up straight away, I was told that seeing that I had booked from Mauritius , I had unlimited mileage and by the way we have upgraded you. They gave me a new audi A3. I was really pleased with the car, the service and the price. I now know where to go when I need to rent a car - hassle free.”

Henry Niewiadomski:“Being in a great rush to get to a sporting event, it was extremely pleasing to be able to go to the counter in a major airport, get a car, and be on the road in less than 10 minutes. The value of the rental and the service by the staff was very good. Most impressed with the experience.”

S. Loganathan:“I booked a rental car through website, very easy to use portal....transparent transaction....pretty much a new car reserved for me....good explanation on basics on the Airport counter. Overall would say excellent service.”

A focus on the future

But despite their continued success, Marx is well aware that the company cannot rest on its laurels. “We are committed to learning from customer feedback, and yes we do get the odd bad review that teaches us we still have improvements to make.”

TrustPilot has already had more than 10 million reviews posted. They have offices in Copenhagen, London, New York and Melbourne.