A new non-stop flight could mean an end to pesky layovers for many travellers.

Long haul flights are rarely pleasant affairs, and never are they less so than when lots of time is spent in transit. No matter how long you spend in the air, there’s still the feeling that you’re on your way, you’re getting somewhere. This feeling promptly evaporates when you’re forced to sit in uncomfortable airport seats for hours on end - and even the most state-of-the-art airports get old after a few hours. 
It appears that Qatar Airways has taken this philosophy to its logical conclusion with groundbreaking plans to offer a direct flight from Doha to Auckland, which would be the longest non-stop flight in the world. Not only would this allow for a layover free journey between New Zealand and the Middle East, but it means that even longer trips could be completed with just a single stop. All of a sudden, the world seems about to get that much smaller. 
With only one stop between the opposite ends of the Earth, another obstacle to easy international travel will fall - so where would you go to take advantage of this new freedom?
Milford Sound
New Zealand
Let’s start with the obvious one. If you’ve never visited this country, this is something you should put right at the top of your travel list. New Zealand is prime road trip country, with a stunning array of landscapes and cities within less than a day’s journey. Rotorua, the tourism capital of New Zealand, is only a few hours drive from Auckland but many will choose to head straight to the South Island to experience the dramatic mountainscapes, crystal clear lakes and numerous adventure activities to be found there. No matter where you start your trip, this gorgeous country will have you in awe of just how beautiful nature can be.
London Tower Bridge
United Kingdom
For antipodean travellers, a trip to Mother England usually means waiting in several airports for connecting flights. With only one stopover, the journey instantly becomes more manageable. This is great news, because many young New Zealanders and Australians choose to hop over to the UK for their big Overseas Experience. Not only can an exploration of the UK itself reveal fascinating pieces of history and numerous thriving cultures, but it can easily serve as a launching point for a European odyssey that can last as long as you like. 
The Persian Gulf
The shining, ultra-modern cities of the Persian Gulf are not just stopover locations of course. Cities like Doha, Abu Dhabi and Dubai exert a strong pull both for those in the world of business and travellers looking to witness the pinnacle of human achievement. The architectural prowess on display, especially in a city like Dubai, is quite frankly mind-boggling and has allowed for structures that seem like they should exist only in the realms of science fiction. Not only will the opulence of these cities allow you to live the high life, you’ll also come away with a bigger idea of what our species is capable of.
Developments like Qatar Airways’ proposed Doha to Auckland direct flight are increasingly laying the entire world at the feet of world travellers, and steadily removing excuses for not experiencing the full glory of the world’s many different countries and cultures. The new age of the international traveller is dawning - and you can be among the first to strike out for distant shores and seize this exciting opportunity with both hands!