It’s the perfect time to hit the road

Most people who drive are well aware of the price of petrol and its pleasing downward trend in recent months. Gas prices haven’t been this low for a long time and it’s fantastic for those who love to get behind the wheel and enjoy a driving holiday. The highways are calling (cheaply), and the time is right to take advantage of those savings to explore that place you’ve always wanted to see. Airport Rentals has all you’ll need for that ideal getaway.

The options are endless

The cost of petrol is determined by oil prices, so rises and falls are global. This means you can make the most of low gas and petrol prices with a road trip anywhere your heart desires. Why not think big? Here are a few great ideas for your low-cost adventure:

American Eagle

Currently, gas in the United States is hovering around US$2/gallon (US$2/3.78L), down over a dollar from a year ago. With costs that low, why not live the dream, take the plunge and drive coast to coast? Pick up a rental car in one of the west-coast centres, such as Los Angeles, and chase the sunrises right across the States to New York, Boston or Washington DC on the east coast. If sunsets are more your thing, try the trip the other way. 
The things you could see along the way are staggering. The bright lights of Las Vegas, the incredible Grand Canyon or vast mid-west plains. Head north for incredible mountain scenery and the Great Lakes, or dip down to soak up some sun and enjoy the hospitality and comfort cuisine of the South. Montana or Mississippi, the choice is yours! A road trip across America is certainly one for your travel bucket list, and now is the time to go for it.

Aussie Adventure

Take on the outback while petrol costs around AU$1.20 a litre ($US4.56/gal) . The Stuart Highway is a bit of a legend, a lengthy route reaching all the way from Darwin in the north to Adelaide in the south. This is not a casual Sunday drive - at over 3000 kilometres it is best done over at least a week. 
The remoteness of the road and long stretches between spots of civilisation mean you will need to be prepared with supplies of food, petrol and a mobile phone. The rewards? Incredible, other-worldly landscapes, friendly small towns and outback pubs, unique wildlife and the adventure of a lifetime. This is one holiday that’s ideal for a four-wheel excursion. 

Cross Borders

Europe is a collection of many diverse countries, each with unique landscapes, languages and culture. Take advantage of prices ranging from 0.4 Euros/L in Russia to 1.7 Euros/L in Norway and plan a road trip through the places you’ve always wanted to see. From Paris, the City of Love, to the snow-capped mountains of Austria or the sunny Algarve coast of Portugal, you can see it all in one go with a car rental and cheap petrol. 
If you want to keep your itinerary as inexpensive as possible, plan a route through the eastern countries, where not only is petrol cheaper but most other things are, too. Top of the affordability list are Russia, Belarus, Georgia and Moldova. Prefer to be by the sea? Try Croatia, Montenegro and Albania. The time is right, so work up a little wanderlust and take to the roads of Europe.
Have a look at Airport Rentals and start dreaming about your cut-price road trip in 2015! Get in quick while the price is right.

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