UK leisure and business visitor numbers to this Middle Eastern city are on a steady rise - why is Dubai tourism proving so popular?

Dubai tourism has seen a steady rise in UK visitor numbers for several years now, according Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, and they look set to hit a landmark high next year if the trend continues.
The DTCM revealed that over the past few years Dubai has seen more than a 10 percent increase in UK business and leisure visitors year on year. They expect that trend to continue for 2016, putting the projected number of British visitors to the sparkling desert oasis at over 1 million. Steen Jakobsen, Director of Dubai Business Events, said “Dubai’s status as a destination for both business and leisure continues to rise in the UK, thanks to the emirate’s quality infrastructure, accessibility and superior service level. Dubai’s proximity to the UK also makes it a convenient destination for visitors seeking warm weather and world-class experiences.”
Of course, the proximity does help. But Dubai is the sort of place that many would travel halfway around the world to come visit. Why? What are the best things to do in Dubai? We can think of a few…
The food
There’s a very sharp divide between two options when it comes to food in Dubai, both of them very attractive. This is a city that celebrates luxury and opulence, supplying the absolute finest of pretty much everything, including cuisine. Hotels are the best place to go when you’re searching for a truly extraordinary meal - in particular, the Grosvenor House Hotel, the Hilton Dubai Creek and Raffles Hotel all host restaurants that approach Michelin levels of excellence. However if you’re in the market for something substantially cheaper and closer to the local flavour, you have to visit Al-Dhiyafah Road. This is a locale exploding with international tastes from diverse cultural backgrounds including Filipino, Indian and the native Emirati. 
The culture
Dubai’s cultural scene is as multifaceted as one of the gigantic skyscrapers that dominate its horizon. For a taste of what a traditional market feels like, the Gold Souk is a must see. Boasting over 300 retailers trading almost exclusively in jewelry, this is a place where you can get a fantastic bargain on golden goods - but only if you play your cards right. From time immemorial, the souk (or open air marketplace) has relied on haggling as the primary way of setting prices. Drive a tough bargain, throw in a walk away and you might just find yourself going home with the deal of a lifetime. On the other hand, if quiet contemplation is more your style, Dubai also has a world-class art scene, with leading galleries like Carbon 12 Dubai, The Third Line and Green Art putting the UAE capital on the map.
The spectacle
The people who turned Dubai into one of the most popular cities on Earth obviously had never heard of the term ‘half-measures’. The opulence on display across the city is almost unheard of: an elaborately constructed resort built out into the Persian Gulf in the shape of a palm tree, hotels where gold leaf is treated like undercoat, restaurants that serve meals so exquisite that they’re able to charge fantastical amounts for the smallest dishes. One of the next extravagant projects lined up for the city is a glass roofed underwater tennis stadium; if spectators get bored of the match, there will always be the teeming aquatic life to catch their attention. Of course, only a fraction of the world’s population can afford to fully indulge in all that Dubai has to offer but just being surrounded by the incredible wonders that money can work is a mind blowing experience.
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