From airports to cities, pick up a car rental

Global car hire, airport or city has expanded its car-rental offering, now incorporating over 25,000 city depots around the world. So, whether you are looking for a straightforward car hire direct from the airport or within a city, we now have the option for you. With our easy-to use website, you can ‘Search by City pick up’, as well as ‘Search by Airport pick up’. For example, if you enter London as your city pick-up location, a list including the likes of Barnet, Wandsworth, Croydon and Enfield will appear. London’s a big place, but not when it comes to finding a car rental. We make it easy, so you can pick-up at a convenient location.

The advantages of a city pick-up

While an airport collection is convenient, this idea may not fit in with your travel plans. Perhaps your flight is getting in late and you just want to catch a cab to your hotel after you land? In this case, you can book a car-rental pick-up in the city with This could be closer to your accommodation for the next day. You can also compare deals - perhaps you can save money with a city booking, instead of picking up at the airport. Have you had car trouble and need a last-minute rental? Again, our easy-to-use city option will solve that problem for you. From local to international brands, has you covered for a variety of vehicles, from standard economy two-doors, to luxury SUVs, Jeeps and minivans. Filter by size, class and even age.

A comprehensive selection of cities

There is now only one site for all of your car rental needs. Whether you are travelling for work or leisure, allows you to compare all of the deals on offer so you can make an informed decision. From the cheapest to the biggest, or perhaps you’re looking for a particular type of vehicle. Whether it’s Vancouver or Vienna, Barcelona or Bariloche, whatever location you’re visiting, we will have a car rental deal for you. Our flexibility and customer service standards are still the same, you just have even more car hire options to choose from.

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