Drive Glasgow for a memorable Scottish adventure

Calling all UK road trippers! Here’s something a little different. For your next adventure, why not fly to Glasgow and explore beautiful Scotland? There are plenty of rental options in this big city, and endless amazing landscapes await once you are on the road.
Driving all the way to the far north is a bit much for most to tackle, so flying in and picking up a rental car is the perfect solution. From Glasgow, you have access to the Highlands, Edinburgh, several national parks and lochs. The scenery is spectacular, the towns charming, the castles imposing and there are plenty of cosy pubs to call into for a hearty Celtic meal. Here are some of the highlights:
  • Cairngorms National Park is one for the nature lovers, boasting incredible and untouched landscapes including Britain’s highest mountain range. The string of lovely towns and villages through the park make great bases for outdoors activities, including hiking, golf, skiing, horse trekking and more.
  • One of Scotland’s most spectacular buildings, Stirling Castle, is a short drive from Glasgow. It perches high on a rocky outcrop and looks over the town of Stirling and its historic battlefield.
  • A slightly longer drive will get you to one of the world’s most famous lakes - Loch Ness. Here you can lie in wait to catch Nessie out, then visit the lovely city of Inverness and the evocative Culloden Moor, where the Battle of Culloden took place in 1746.
  • For a real adventure, head north to the Ise of Skye which is connected to the mainland by a bridge. It is a desolately beautiful place of mountains, lochs, cliffs and coastlines and great for a road trip.

Car rental in Glasgow

Pick up at Glasgow Airport
There’s no shortage of rental cars available from Glasgow Airport! Near domestic arrivals you will find counters for the big-name rental companies from Avis to National, while local companies such as Arnold Clark Car Rental offer off-airport depots with shuttles from the terminal - this can sometimes be a more cost-effective option. Once you have your car, it is easy to get on the M8 and head into Glasgow and beyond. Rentals are also available from the city centre should you arrive by train.

Find the right rental car

Airport Rentals can help you track down the vehicle you need for a wonderful sojourn in Scotland. The search engine brings together cars from a huge range of suppliers in one place, so that you can compare and come to a decision without spending hours on multiple websites. Simply enter your preferences, use the filters to narrow down the options and peruse. Pictures, reviews and vehicle information are visible right there on the results page so you can pick the best one - and the cheapest are at the top so you can stick to your budget!

Scotland driving tips

Driving in Scotland is largely no different to driving in England. Keep these few things in mind for a safe journey. 
You are likely to encounter narrow lanes! Slow down around corners, keep a close lookout for oncoming traffic and be patient when you do come across a fellow motorist. Single track roads will often have passing places. Above all,be considerate!
Fog is a hazard and is common in the Highlands. Put your lights on low beam.
Keep a lookout for animals on the road in the more remote areas.