Drive Europe in style on the ultimate road trips

Renting a car is the best way to holiday. Having your own vehicle means you can set the pace, decide on your own itinerary and stop to smell the roses or admire the scenery whenever and wherever you please. But there’s yet another reason to choose a rental car over public transport: the simple pleasure of driving. And this is particularly true in Europe, where the roads are high-speed, wind through hills and peaks and can take you on an epic journey.  
Europe is a land of diverse people, languages, cultures and landscapes. Making your own way across forests, farmlands, rivers, valleys, mountain ranges and country borders is nothing short of an adventure, so start planning a car hire holiday. These are some of the most scenic drives in Europe which make driving an inspiring prospect, from mountain passes to coastal routes. 

Furka Pass, Switzerland

It’s inevitable that Switzerland heads the list of top European drives. This beautiful country has spectacular scenery at every turn, but Furka Pass is among the best on offer. It is a high mountain pass in the Alps which connects the towns of Gletsch and Realp and the cantons of Uri and Valais in the south of Switzerland. Used as a set in the James Bond flick Goldfinger, it is an amazing route which zig-zags up the slopes to a height of 2431 metres to give panoramic views of the Gotthard Massif and the Urseren Valley. The Grimsel Pass and Susten Pass are similarly beautiful alternatives in the region.

The Atlantic Road, Norway

This Norwegian National Tourist Route is short, but very sweet. A feat of engineering, the unique road runs between Kristiansund and Molde. It consists of a series of seven curving bridges linking an archipelago of islands, giving drivers great sea views - you might even spot a whale or seal. It is best experienced in autumn when the weather gets a little more wild. When a storm rolls in, waves pound the ashpalt and make for a very exhilarating ride.  

SP51 (Cinque Terre), Italy

Cinque Terre is like something out of a fairytale - five incredibly picturesque villages clinging to the cliffs on Italy’s Ligurian coast. Take the SP370 and SP51 (Strada Provinciale delle Cinque Terre) from La Spezia, which curve along the vineyard-covered hills above the villages, offering picturesque vistas over the ocean. Entering the villages can be a challenge as they are car-free, but make the drive to get an overview of this beautiful region, then pick a village to begin your explorations on foot - there are parking buildings at the entrance to each one.

A93 (Old Military Road), Scotland

This beautiful route runs through Cairngorms National Park and is a quintessential example of the evocative scenery of the Scottish Highlands. It is the perfect alternative road between Perth and Aberdeen and has very little traffic as the A90 highway takes the majority. The wide open spaces, mountains, farmland and rivers are good for the soul, and the varied curves of the road are perfect for those who regard driving as a hobby.

The Autobahn, Germany

Of course, all driving enthusiasts will long to be behind the wheel on the Autobahn. Made for high-speed driving, Germany’s highway system has no speed limit for some classes of vehicles, except in urbanized or accident prone areas and during periods of bad weather. This road is more about the drive than the scenery, but there are some lovely parts - just don’t take your eyes off the road for too long!
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