Want to streamline your Wimbledon experience, leaving more time to enjoy the tennis matches? This is the place for you.

The oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament on Earth, Wimbledon is one of those sporting events which is a must-attend affair at least once in your lifetime. It’s not so much the matches themselves, although there’s no denying that some of the best tennis in the world is played on the grass of Wimbledon, it’s the traditions and atmosphere of a tournament that has survived and thrived since the 1870’s. 
Wimbledon program
The Queue is a major part of any Wimbledon experience, for example, orchestrated with classically British orderliness and civility right down to receiving a queue number card and getting a ‘Guide to Queuing’ pamphlet. Munching on strawberries and cream is a firm favourite among Wimbledon traditions, and Pimm’s Cup (Pimm’s No. 1 and lemonade with garnish) is the unofficial, but much loved, cocktail of the tournament.
Getting to this iconic annual event isn’t as easy as one might imagine however, so to ensure that your day at Wimbledon is as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible, we have a few tips on the best ways to get there.
The Underground
Public transport of one flavour or another will likely be the best choice for your trip, and the London underground metro is undeniably one of the leading contenders in that category. The most important thing to know about travelling to Wimbledon via the underground is that you should not get off at Wimbledon Station. Southfields Station is your stop, which places you within 10 minutes’ easy walking distance of the Wimbledon Tennis Complex. 
There are special tennis buses available which will take you to Wimbledon but these tend to be overpriced and you’ll almost certainly have to queue. The smarter option is to catch the regular 493 bus which heads directly past the International Wimbledon Tennis Championship Tournament complex. The only catch is that the bus stops right outside the Wimbledon grounds are closed over the course of the tournament, with temporary bus stops further down the road replacing the standard stops, but you can check with the bus driver and ask to be let off at the tennis grounds. 
Wimbledon Tennis Tournament
If it’s easier for you to make your way to Wimbledon Railway Station, this is also a viable option. There will be buses and taxis outside the station waiting to take you to the tournament - even shared taxis are an option - but if you’re looking to save money and don’t mind a bit of a stroll, you can make your way to the event on foot in about 20 minutes - the walk is a little over a mile in length. 
The best advice for taking a car to Wimbledon would be… don’t. Both traffic and parking will prove troublesome for anyone attempting to navigate their own vehicle to the tournament. If, however, you are dead set on driving to Wimbledon there are a couple ways to make your life a little easier. Car Park 6 in Wimbledon Park is £25 if you pre-book and £30 on the day. You can also Park and Ride at either Motspur Park or Morden Park for £15 which includes the shuttle ride to the tournament - however, your shuttle may take about 40 minutes to reach the championships because of the heavy traffic on the day. 
While a car may not be the best way to get yourself to Wimbledon, a UK airport car rental can certainly make it a lot easier to explore the rest of the country. The United Kingdom is a nation which boasts a surprising amount of diversity - landscapes, accents and culture vary dramatically from place to place, which presents visitors with a beautifully broad range of experiences within easy reach. To continue your UK adventure after the quintessentially English Wimbledon tennis tournament, pick up a Heathrow airport car rental and set out on the British road trip of your dreams. You could go South to visit Brighton, go East to discover Wales from Cardiff, or go North for plenty of options including Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool.