Celebrate Valentine’s Day 2015 with a fabulous road trip in North America

Get hot and cold for Valentine’s Day in 2015

The most romantic day of the year is not far away, and it’s time to start planning your Valentine’s vacation for 2015. 
Airportrentals.com is at your service with a few top-notch ideas for a rental car road trip guaranteed to impress that special someone on February 14! The freedom that comes with having your own set of wheels is perfect for a couple’s getaway. You can go where the wind takes you, pull over to appreciate the views and march to the beat of your own drum.

The sweet smell of romance

Snow on the ground, a roaring fire and hot chocolate - is there anything more romantic? February is a great time to plan a trip a little further afield to experience the beauty of a North American winter. Organise a car rental deal in advance so you can set off to drive frozen landscapes and explore somewhere magical together.
Canada is well known for its winter wonderlands. The flight is well worth it - Calgary or Vancouver are both great cities in which to pick up your rental, and are also ideal jumping-off points to the awe-inspiring Canadian Rockies. Over in Quebec, speak a little francais - the language of love - and share body heat to keep warm in the unique igloo-style Ice Hotel.  
The northern United States is equally as exciting for a winter road trip, with Denver as a favourite for snow sports. New England rates highly as a romantic winter holiday destination, with charming small towns boasting inns blanketed by snow. New York city is also on the list... what could be more memorable than ice-skating at the Rockefeller Centre with the one you love?

Seek the heat this Valentine’s

For summer lovers, the best part about living in North America is that tropical beaches are only a short flight away. To keep it more or less domestic, head down to Florida, pick up your rental in Miami and drive the string of bridges connecting the Keys. Key West lies at the end: an eccentric and laid-back place which feels delightfully foreign. Hawaii is also a good option to turn up the heat in February, with plenty to see and do - beaches, cities, volcanoes and more in this stunning state are easily reachable when you have a rental car.
You can get on the road in the Caribbean with a car rental on one of the bigger islands where quiet country lanes will take you to to some amazing spots. Fly in to San Juan, Santo Domingo or Kingston and set out on an adventure! Mexico is another great option for a scorching Valentine’s holiday, and a car hire is the best way to see more of the country away from the tourist-focused resorts. 
Wherever you choose to go for February 14, make it a great getaway with a car rental from airportrentals.com!

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