Hit the road for a UK Easter!

Easter in the UK is a perfect opportunity to hit the roads and explore. There is a four-day weekend, the supermarkets are bursting with chocolate and spring is making an appearance in the form of lambs, calves and tentative sunshine. Get in quick to book a car hire in the UK for Easter 2015 and make the most of current low petrol prices to explore in freedom!

Easter car hire

It’s not too late to book a car rental this Easter. The early bird gets the worm, it’s true- but the last-minute bird might just pick up a discounted worm for their troubles. Head over to Airport Rentals to find the right vehicle for you and your travel partners. There are a huge range of suppliers across the UK represented on the site so you can compare all your options without hours spent on different sites or on the phone. Filters mean you can narrow it down to a selection of ideal rentals and make an informed choice- pictures, reviews, vehicle features and more are readily visible on the results screen.
Start planning today while there are still plenty of cars available. The big centres with big airports like London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Birmingham are the best places for last-minute rentals as the sheer number of rental companies operating there means there are likely to be options.

Explore the UK in four days

From worldly cities to quaint and charming small towns, rolling hills to craggy coastlines, the United Kingdom has a lot to offer the savvy road tripper. Renting a car from one of the main centres means you can fit in a lot in four days, and go where you want to, when you want to. Here are some ideas that we think would make a fantastic Easter road trip in the UK:
  • Pick up a rental in London and explore Cornwall, England’s answer to the tropics. This is the warmest part of the country, where you can catch a little spring sunshine and even hit the beaches strung along the wild Cornish coast. From London to Penzance on the very tip of the Cornwall Peninsula is only 6 hours’ drive, so you will have plenty of time to explore during your Easter weekend. Highlights include the National Maritime Museum in Falmouth, the Eden Project biodome near St. Austell, and the beautiful walks on the Roseland Heritage Coast.
  • A Manchester car hire pick-up is perfect for nature lovers, as the city sits close to the Peak District, the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District national parks. This trio of natural playgrounds offer endless outdoor entertainment- hiking, climbing, sailing, and more. You can hit all three in your four days if you hustle! Not a fan of physical exertion? That’s ok, just head straight to the lakes and enjoy a relaxed weekend by the water.
  • Edinburgh is the gateway to stunning Scotland. Pick up a car hire and take to the roads to see lochs, castles, the Highlands and more. Cairngorms National Park is only 2 hours drive from the city, and Loch Ness just beyond that. Visit the historic battlefield of Culloden, the beautiful Isle of Skye, impressive Stirling Castle or just enjoy the countryside and the friendly towns and their historic pubs. Scotland is a place that will get into your soul- and a car rental is the best way to see as much of it as possible.
  • For a central pickup, consider renting a car in Birmingham. From there you can take your pick of directions: south towards London and Cornwall, west into the hospitality, history and hills of Wales, north to the national parks and Scotland, or east to Norfolk of the big skies and endless marshes and waterways.