Brand new and waiting for you: Tasmania’s premier coastal hike

Tasmania’s stunning natural landscapes have always been the stuff of legend. Now you can get up close and personal with the epic scenery, thanks to a newly-opened multi-day walking track in and around the Tasman National Park. Bookings have just opened for the brand new trail, which was recently the recipient of rave reviews at Lonely Planet when they mentioned Tasmania amongst the top regions to visit in 2015.
The four-day track is designed to cater to a wide range of hiking abilities; there is no need to be an experienced tramper to tackle the Three Capes. Up to 48 walkers per day can book the track package, which includes transfers and accommodation along the way. Designated Australian Standard Class 3, the track is mud-free, well-built and wide enough for hikers to walk side-by-side.

The Three Capes Experience

46 kilometres is the total distance covered by the Three Capes Track, and the raw natural beauty you can see in that distance is astounding. The brand new track is itself a work of art, comprising sections of boardwalk, stone steps, carefully designed seating and eco-friendly modern cabin facilities, but the star of the show is the Tasman Peninsula. 
 Beginning in the World Heritage-listed Port Arthur, the package kicks off with an eco-cruise on a custom-built boat past coves and ancient Dolerite cliffs on the way to the trailhead at Denmans Cove. From there, day one is an easy lead-in with a two hour walk through eucalyptus forests and coastal heath to the first night at Surveyor’s Cabin. 
Day two has its ups and downs: Tornado Ridge, Arthur’s Peak and the Ellarwey Valley, to name a few. This 11-kilometre section of the track will expose you to the elements before you arrive invigorated at Munro Cabin to watch the sun set over Cape Raoul.
Cliffs are the theme for the third day of walking, and you will get some amazing views from the top of them. Make your way to the end of the Tasman Peninsula where you can look out over Tasman Island and ponder the incredible world we live in. This one’s a long one at 17 kilometres, and the Retakunna Cabin awaits.
The last day is a 14-kilometre trek up Mount Fortescue and out to the tip of Cape Huay, where you might see rock climbers tackling the dolerite columns. Finish off with a downhill stretch to the white sand of Fortescue Bay, where the return bus will take you back to Port Arthur.
Fortescue Bay, Tasmania

Be one of the first on the Three Capes Track

Bookings for the upcoming season have only just opened, so plan it for this summer and you could be among the first hikers to experience this amazing trail. Remember, it’s not just for the seasoned hiker, but achievable for anyone with a basic degree of fitness. 
The memories you could make on a trip like this one are mind-blowing - so gather up a group of like-minded friends and family and head to the Three Capes Track website to make a booking. This track is likely to go straight to the top of the list of “things to do in Tasmania,” so get in quick before it fills up.
Not sure how to get to Port Arthur to begin your adventure? Pick up a car rental from Hobart Airport - it’s not much more than an hour’s drive from there. If you are a nature lover, pay a visit to the world renowned Kakadu National Park from Darwin, or venture to the magnificient Blue Mountains from Sydney, or make a trip to the heart of Australia by visiting sacred Uluru (Ayers Rock). Don't forget New Zealand's famous nature destinations like Milford Sound or Arthur's Pass. Pick up a Queenstown or Christchurch Airport car rental and drive through to New Zealand stunning Southern Alps.

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